• Producing

    We produce mainly electronic dancemusic. If you need help producing a track, arranging or want us to produce a track for you, email us.... Read More
  • Audio recording

    We are able to help you with recording vocals live guitars drums, or any other instrument.....we can advice you with the settings of your gear, what gear to use to record and what preamp and effect settings you could use while recording.Of course we can also record audio for you. Read More
  • Audio editing

    If you need help editing audio or if you need audio edited, we can help you with that.cutting, trimming, removing clicks, volume fades... anything.If we can help you with any part of creating a final audio cut please contact us. Read More
  • Mastering

    If you need your track mastered or if you need help mastering your own track, maybe we can help. We have experience and know how to work with compressors, maximizers, stereo tools, equalizers and much more. Read More
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NOTE : All audio and video on this website is property of Kaymedia Recordings. All tracks have been registered at BUMA / STEMRA and SENA. Unauthorised use is a felony.

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Kaymedia Recordings

Welcome to Kaymedia Recordings.
We at Kaymedia produce electronic music. We mainly work with Dennis Kay.
Dennis Kay is one of the inhouse producers / artists we work with, who produces a wide range of electronic (mostly vocal) dancemusic. At this moment we are combining vocal dance with techno and progressive influences; trying to keep up with the current momement in electronic dancemusic.
Please check out the artists / links tab to see who we work with and who supports us like; our publishers, sub-publishers and record labels.......

About this site:
Check out our latest releases and signings in the news / releases tab.
Listen to all our demos in the discography / demos tab. this tab contains snippets of recent demos and complete demos of older tracks we produced. Some of which are stil free for licensing.
Contact us using the contact tab. which contains an email form and the necessary info if you need to contact us urgently.
And finally this website contains a member access (login) area for record labels, artists, producers and publishers for licensing purposes. All  record labels, artists, producers and publishers can request login info, so please don't hesitate to do that.

Contacting us;
You can contact us using the contact for in the contact tab.
Off course we are always available for new talent; vocalists, producers,remixing opportunities and others; you can contact us using the contact form in the contact tab, but it is also possible to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  directly! please note that this is only for new talent information purposes.
We also accept file attachements, but only 320 kbps 44100 stereo mp3 files with a max. of 15 mb. if the file(s) is/are larger please use yousendit or send a link.
for urgent business we are always available on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We will contact you within 24 hours.

Best regards,

Kaymedia Recordings

All our music is available for purchase at the following internet stores;
Audio Jelly          Beatport            Track-it-down      ITunes Store